Best H.O.R.S.E. Poker Sites

HORSE Poker has really picked up in recent years thanks to its appearance at the WSOP and its availability online. Poker players looking for HORSE action are in luck because many poker sites now offer HORSE and other mixed game formats. Of course, not all HORSE poker sites were created equal so we’ve created this list to help you find the very best poker sites.

The sites listed on this page are the ones that we believe will give you the best HORSE action online. The highest rated sites have the most HORSE tables but all of these sites are considered trustworthy and reputable. The only thing you need to do is take a look at each site and find the one that looks like the best fit for you.

When picking your poker site, you’re going to have to do a little cost-benefit analysis on your own. What we have noticed over the years is that the sites that have the most tables do not typically have the softest games. The sites that have fewer tables usually have easier opponents because the multi-tabling pros tend to stay away from such poker sites.

You’ll probably be the happiest if you go with the poker sites that have the most tables even if they aren’t the softest on the internet. The advantage you have with more tables is that you can practice more table selection. If your table gets too tight, you can always find a new one. At a small site, you’ll often be stuck with just a few tables.

One thing you can do is download the software for a couple sites and look at the HORSE tables for yourself. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the traffic levels can change drastically between peak hours and non-peak hours. If you can, take a look at the site during the time of day at which you typically play poker.

Equally important is finding a trustworthy poker site. There are hundreds of poker sites out there competing for your business so finding a reputable site can be a pain for new poker players. Instead of picking a site at random and hoping for the best, just go with one of the sites listed on this page. These poker sites have all been around for at least several years and have proven to be completely reliable during that time.

It’s important to play at a trustworthy poker site because you are entrusting these poker sites with your poker bankroll. The large, successful poker sites listed here have processed millions of deposits and withdrawals over the years. With your money at stake, it’s a no-brainer to play only at trusted poker sites.

The sites here were listed in order of our preference but it’s not an absolute list by any means. As long as stay with one of the sites listed here, you’ll be in good hands. Some of the poker sites have lots of players and others have a small player base but they all have great HORSE poker action.

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